2024 3rd International Conference on Energy, Power and Electrical Technology (ICEPET 2024)



image.png Best Paper Award | 优秀论文奖

1. All nominations will be selected during the review process. 会议将在审稿过程中候选出最佳论文

2. Nominated papers in the same key area will be presented in the same session. 所属领域相同的候选文章将在同一个分会进行报告

3. Only full paper submissions which are presented at the conference will be eligible for the best paper award. 仅做过报告的全文投稿才拥有最佳论文奖的候选资格


image.png Best Student Paper Award | 优秀学生论文奖

1. For university students only. 仅针对在校大学生

2. The first author of the paper registered. 注册文章第一作者

3. Oral Presentation Type. 做口头报告的演讲形式

image.png Best Oral Presentation Award | 最佳口头报告奖

For every session, one best oral presentation will be selected according to the time control, originality, applicability, Technical Merit, PPT and English.


image.png Best Poster Award | 最佳海报展示奖

One best oral presentation will be selected according to the appearance, typographic logic and quality of results.